I love to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build their digital presence. I work with a focus on business goals, and bring together a holistic marketing strategy that covers the myriad opportunities for online marketing. This results in a robust plan ready for action so my clients can rock their marketing journey!

Mission Statement

ThatGirlRandi's mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their digital presence and rock their marketing journey.

Vision Statement

ThatGirlRandi’s vision is to be a go-to resource for digital marketing for beginners.

Company Values

ThatGirlRandi has some specific values I will not compromise on. Those values include:

Customer Commitment

I do all work with the client's goals as the central focus.

Transparency and Trust

Trust is built through being transparent through the process, which brings me to:


Communication is the lynchpin in doing my best work to meet the client's goals. Open lines of communication assure that the work being done is valuable, useful, and accurate.

Inclusivity and Accessibility

I have a commitment to offer my services to everyone, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation or identity, romantic orientation, relationship status, race, ethnicity, nation of origin, disability, religion, culture, languages spoken or signed, or veteran status.

Constant Improvement and Continuous Learning

Progress comes from action, not inaction. I am always actively looking to improve every aspect of my business. In my commitment to improvement, I am continuously learning everything I can to better improve what I can and will offer to clients.


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